Wild Arms is back!!

I have been missing form the last couple wild arms i played the first three and i have got to say that while non of the last have impressed me as much as the later did this one is O.K. Wild arms is still using that western theme, which is not a bad thing. I don't knowe why they are hating on the graphics of thes game they are not great by todays standards but they are not awful. The Battle system in this game impressed me. Being used to the line turn based battle system this hexagonal system was a nice change, still not as nice as free range fighting but nice. Like I have stated in my other reviews if a game has no story then you have no game. Luckily Wild Arms 5 has a decent story, it is sort of Generic yes but it has a nice feel and decent character development. You are looking for someone to help a girl that fell form the sky in the hand of a golem. You set off for you home village to become a golem hunter. This is where the story takes off and it is develpoed well. I am not one to give away anything so i will leave off with saying this is a decent RPG and i thinkit is worth a buy. They are all Special additions that come with an Artbook which is a nice addition to any game.