Elite (1989) Cheats For Amiga

  1. Cheat Mode

    Enter SARA or SUZANNE when prompted for a word from the manual during the copy protection check. Then, enter a valid word when the prompt appears again. Press [Keypad Plus] and/or [Keypad Asterisk] during game play to display the cheat screen. A prompt for a byte and new value will appear. Enter the first number of the set, press [Enter], enter the second number, press [Enter], then press [Esc] to resume game play. Note: Press [Help] to edit the amount of arms and cargo. Additionally, this will not work in the Space Legends compilation version of the game.

    Code Effect
    12/00-FF Create a new galaxy
    12/00-FF Extra credits
    1F/46 7 light years worth of fuel
    20/01 Escape capsule
    23/02 Large cargo bay
    26/01 Pulse laser
    28/01 Hyperdrive
    2F/01 Energy bomb
    36/01 Mining laser
    38/01 Military laser
    40/01 Food
    47/01 Textiles
    49/01 Radioactives
    4C/01 Slaves
    50/01 Wine
    5C/01 Computers
    63/01 Machinary
    69/01 Firearms
    75/01 Gold
    9D/05 Destroy space station
    98/FF Loads of combat points

    Contributed by: Bodobodot