Cheat List

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Yes, they're finally here: cheat codes. I've located a fair number of them, and should have many more after lunch. Please don't hesitate to add in any you happen to find. First, enable cheats by adding " cheat" at the end of the shortcut you use to run it, like "C:\longpathname\FallenEnchantress.exe" cheat

  • Ctr+U: Clear FOW over the enitre map.
  • Ctr+L: Brings up lighting controls that do absolutely nothing as of yet.
  • Ctr+R: Researches everything except for techs whose names begin with "Refined"(?!)
  • Ctr+D: Deselects everything
  • Ctr+T: Teleports selected unit to cursor
  • Ctr+K: Destroys selected city (doesn't work for units).
  • Ctr+X: Makes the UI disappear or reappear
  • Ctr+B: Instantly constructs all improvements in selected city
  • Ctr+T  Teleport selected unit to cursor
  • Ctr+M Gives 1000 of everything  (gold, horses, crystal, etc)
  • Ctr+B Complete buildings in queue in selected city
  • Ctr+J  Researches ALL tech
  • Ctr+P  Add Xp