Clearly the best game I have ever played in my life!!

This game is a revolutionary step with RPG's and Third Person's, especially for the Xbox 360. Once you load up, the awe inspiring graphics, are so amazing that, instead of playing the game, you'de rather be looking at the enemy's or the enviroment rather than fighting it. And not just the graphics, but the gameplay is to-die-for. From my perspective, it is unique, and probably could never be matched by any game for a while. And the voice acting is amazing. The only flaws would include frame rate, studering, especially when up-close and personal with an enemy, bump-mapping flaws when the area looks smooth, but instead it's supposed to be bumpy or rigid. And face design, don't even get me started. Over all, it's the best game I believe ever to be for the Xbox 360. Thanks Bioware, and great job!!