The Mis-Edventures is short, easy but a whole ton of fun!

User Rating: 8 | Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures PS2
Edd n' Eddy Jawbreakers! was the first in a series of Eddy n' Eddy games, and it did pretty good. The series goes on with The Mis-Edventures, which now is on consoles. The game isn't as good as Jawbreakers! because the puzzle element was gone. But it still is an amazing game with CG cutscenes instead of text.The whole point of the game is living Eddy's many scams and becoming popular among the cul-de-sac. The game starts with Eddy's new scam to make snowcones, and then has to use Rolf's meatball maker. Well, there are some puzzles, like getting Rolf's pigs back in there pin. The game is really short though only about 5 chapters that don't take too long to complete. Though there is an amazing racing section where the Eds (on a makeshift bike) race against Kevin in the construction yard. The stunts in the game aren't like big budget explosions, but will keep you satisfied with big jumps. The action sequences include the Eds fighting with weapons and their own projectiles. (Ed uses his head but has no projectile) (Double D has a ruler which is terribly weak and uses a slingshot to fire water ballons) (Eddy uses his fists and has stink bombs.) There are also a few sections where you have to use the tag team system, where there are moves to help you smash through walls, jump over fences, and reach a jawbreaker or a penny (which is the currency in the game.) Each character has their own special move. Ed has the Ed-Smasher, Double D has a trampoline move, and Eddy has the Tower of Eddy. Like I said before, pennies, and other pieces of change, you can buy jawbreakers from jawbreaker machines scattered around the cul-de-sac. Though most jawbreakers can be bought, the rest of them have to be found in levels. In some levels you can find a sand box, order Ed to dig and you'll find either a jawbreaker (which are used to unlock such things as music videos which can be viewed in random makeshift movie booths.) or part of a costume in which if you collect them all you can unlock a episode in which you take part in liek the episode where Ed pretends to be the Chunky Puffs Monster. the other one is where the Eds are pretending to be chased by aliens, and you get to shoot makeshift plasma rifles to defend yourself. In my opinion that's about it.

Good-new tag-team system, better graphics, not as annoying as Jawbreakers! Many extras and unlockables

Bad-not much improvement from Jawbreakers! really short and simple, puzzles are not much trouble, annoying when you have to find many parts of a costume and not unlock that specific costume