Uploading exiled creatures to near

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Will everyone who is in range be entitled to the creature exiled? I have a Fkinlar (Highest Rank Tier 4 Reptile). I haven't seen one in the auction house, and I don't want to drop any more cash on this game than I already have. I have access to multiple Vitas, and in theory I can exile the Fkinlar and get the Fkinlar on a few other Vitas, then exile them back to the home Vita so that I may have two or more and let them reproduce and eventually put some out in the market for other people to buy and raise their own. Has anyone tried anything like this or know if ecolibrium has ways of thwarting this kind of loop?
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It most certainly works the way you think. Do not be paranoid that everyone will be clicking the near button when you exile. Once the location on near is done, the gift is posted without delay. Its first come first serve then. Simply have the second Vita ready and hit its near button and the swap is done in about 30 seconds. Its a beautiful thing for those that spent lots of real money and have no mated plats. I just swap with my other Vita and voila.