You want something thats old, but way out of the ordinary? Check out Ecco the dolphin at his finest!

User Rating: 9.6 | Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future DC
In the early 1990's Sega was in a war between Nintendo, and had only a few franchies to keep at the frontlines. One of those franchies was Ecco the Dolphin. Many years later came this: Defender of the Future.

The story takes you as Ecco the dolphin near the Isles of Tranquility, where apparantly, the story mostly takes place. An evil force known as the "Foe" invades earth, and steals traits of dolphins and sends them through-out time. it's up to Ecco to go through very stunning graphically bulit levels and very annoying A.I. and hard to beat puzzels, to collect these traits.

Some things are added and subtracted from the series. Instead of the Asterite, it's the Guardian and "his" very hard to understand glyphs. Graphically, this game makes fun of some of todays graphics, since most of the game is beautiful, and the people of Appaloosa, did an outstanding job with the water. When was the last time we saw good games with good water graphics?

Handleing the game will take between 5 minutes to one hour (or more) to master the standard controls depending on your learning curve. The music the game brought is and still the best soundtrack I've ever heard, and still love to listen to some of them. Tim Follin, the composer who created this masterpiece, really outdid himself. This is why the game won the award for "best sound" at E3 in 2000. The difficulty of the game will be hardest of all time. How hard you ask? Well, the game gets hard and challeging right after the Aquamarine Bay level (or the challenge starts at level 2). Bosses are top-notch, and can be hard to beat many times. Even if you bought the "Versus" book to help you, you'll just tear it up in frustration.

Overall the game is very unique, since you play as a dolphin anyway, and if you are tired of dying and losing, you could just grab a coke, chose the Aquamarine level, and play as if it is a very awesome simulator instead, while listening to the favorite track, "Aquamarine Bay", by Tim Follin.