Don't believe the hype

I got the game in best buy for 50 bills..i don’t usually buy games.. last game si bought was HL2 because I wanted to. Same story with Bioshock.. I hearted a lot of good things a about the game and decided to contribute to the developers and buy the freaking thing..

In my view it does not worth $50. The good
Graphically yes it looks great… but so do all the other next gen games.. Atmosphere and style is definitely there, which makes this game stand out from a other FPS games.. Good ideas with plasmids.. very cool characters The not so much
The version for PC has a lot of technical problems. A lot! Im running the on Gforce 8600 gts..3 gigs ram, 4.4 amd dc..

The game has constant crashes…I called customer support and I was told to ply the game in 9X vs 10X.. ok well that should resolve the problem Right?? Nope crashes after 2 hours of play.. very frustrating… and I am sure its not only me or my pc..

Besides that the game does not have a FPS feeling to it.. the guns are not to realistic.. although alternative fire is cool.. it is definitely a console game, made for xbox ppl.. im hardcore pc gamer and fps is all I play….

It does not make it for me… not enough excitement… sometimes just gets very boring.. and I loose interest in playing it further.. on top of that the constant crashes really make me not want to play the game…. And knowing that the patch is no where close to completion makes me want to go and get my $50 back… if you claim that your product is the isht.. make sure to back it up.. operantly 2k games didn’t do a great job testing the pc version of Bioshock….

A bit over hyped game still a solid 8. but for people that like CS.. and more realistic FPS games.. this game would not be a slam dunk…