User Rating: 8.5 | Earthworm Jim GB
After playing the GBA port, I had long forgotten this port for the original GB. Despite the hardware, it's superior to the GBA version of EWJ. Unlike the GBA, the game merely DOES lacks a few frames as several reviewers had claimed for the said version. It feels the same as the SNES, Mega Drive and PC games surprisingly. The music also gives us a chance to listen in on an 8-bit version of the soundtrack, as if it were on the ol' NES itself. It's an enjoyable experience that only has a few hardware flaws, but aren't that big a deal.

Basically, the game uses the B button for both whip and gun. Holding it fires the blaster and tapping shoots out his slimy worm head whip. This can become a problem at certain times, but it's still definitely playable. Every form of game physics makes it to the version of the game and makes up for this. Everything is fun, quick and fluid.

Graphically, it's a cute little version of the game's original artwork. It pretty much keeps every sprite and animation intact and the only problem is the lack of backdrops. This is however a plus in keeping the garbage down. The GB screen's blurring, due to a lack of processer speed for changing each LCD pixel, would make this almost unplayable at EWJ's game play speed. Lawyers and other gags actually feel apparent this time around, despite its hardware limitations keeping it to a minimum. It's very clean and close to the original versions considering the hardware.

In conclusion, this game shows why the GBA port is pathetic. It's a better hardware and the character had been out of commission for the longest time. If they wanted to be quick about a port to a handheld console, they needed to at least use the original graphics over top this one's physics engine and animations. It's in fact the only good portable EWJ, aside it's duplicate over on the Game Gear. This was made in the day when the game first came out and they needed to make it comparable to the others to make the GB version bearable. One could picture this game needing to use the physics of GBA due to hardware limitations, but it's quite the opposite in result. Majesco should not have gotten the rights at all.