Still as wacky as it ever was, and that's the way I like it! :D

User Rating: 10 | Earthworm Jim GBA
I never actually beat "Earthworm Jim" on the Super NES, and I certainly never played the versions that were only found on the Sega systems (I was and still am a Nintendo devotee,) so when I found out it was going to come back out on the Game Boy Advance, it was one game I had to get! To see how much my skills had improved and reaquaint myself with one of the wildest video game characters that ever existed! To my delight, time had been kind to the original version of this hit 16 bit game. With 32 bits of power, it played and handled better than it ever had before! Plus, the difficulty was more forgiving. The backgrounds were polished up better, and the framerate was the same as it ever was. The plot of "Earthworm Jim" isn't just absurd, it's wonderfully absurd! Playing the role of an earthworm who gains the powers of a space suit, a super-power ray gun, rocket ship, helicopter spin, and the ability to walk, talk, and move like a human when he's in the super suit! Yet life isn't just peaches and cream for the earthworm named Jim, evil creatures are after the suit and want to use it for their own nefarious ends. Jim must fight through several wacky levels of bizarre design and even crazier enemies that inhabit it! Who could forget New Junkyard, or the Giant Hamster, or Bob the Killer Goldfish, or Major Mucus, or Professor Monkey For a Head, or Peter Puppy, or Evil the Cat, or Psy-Crow, or the evil Queen Slug For a Butt?! And it's all to save the beatiful girl, Princess What's-Her-Name. The levels are as fun to play as ever, and sometimes their even more fun as the underwater level and the bungee jumping level let Jim handle more damage then he previously could before. Plus, this version includes an extra level not found in the Super NES! And of course, there are totally funny parts to, such as Jim's space rocket victory, defeating Bob the Killer Goldfish, launching a cow, and sometimes, Jim loses his suit and must avoid attacks until he can get back in it! It's all in a day's work for this wacky hero. And even if "Earthworm Jim 2" wasn't up to par as far as the Game Boy Advance version goes, it doesn't diminish the fact that "Earthworm Jim" was and always will be, a great game to play for the humor, and for the fun! That's why I enjoyed playing it! :idea: Enough said! ;)