earth worm jim my hero

User Rating: 8.5 | Earthworm Jim PC
Earth worm Jim is a game at a very high standard it is highly addictive, great graphics, good story line great game but this is my first earth worm Jim game so I had no standards to put it up with but I made my own and it surpassed it very easily. This is some of the reasons why earth worm Jim was such a successful game and not some thing gotten out of the dumpster.

In earth worm Jim you must jump, attack, deaf ET enemies and what kind of villains do you face in the game a garbage bin. How long would it take the creator to make that boss? Earth worm Jim is really fun because you run around shooting random things. That was just the first level bring on some more.

what a game it is earth worm Jim a guy who has guns and attacks bins what a game. if you like those sort of games buy this game and thank me.thank you for reading