Classic, fun, and full of the feeling of old games you just can't get over!

User Rating: 8.4 | Earthworm Jim PC
As I wandered the store aisles, dreary in the absence of my Xbox 360 which is in Texas being "repaired" as I type, I saw Jim the Jem on the bottom shelf on clearance for $1.66. Why not? This coupled with Roller Coaster Tycoon are enough to hold me until the highly anticipated arrival of my fixed Xbox 360 in around a week. So I bought it, hoping for the best.

Soon after purchase, i realized the box said that it was for Windows '95 and '98. Great. I have XP, will it even work? Biting my lip, i headed home and hoped for the best. I popped it in, and to my surprise, it worked! No installation, just plug-n-play! Awesome!

After situating myself with the controls, I began to play. Lots of distinguished worlds to fight through, some funny stuff mixed in, this was my kind of game. It's a shooter/side scroller action adventure, which basically means if you play games you'll like it. However, some of the game's puzzles and dead ends will undoubtedly lead to frustration and you will have to be patient or you'll get fed up quickly.

There are options to change the difficulty, which is nice, the game saves by itself, and the game feels well polished for such an aged title. That's when i noticed it had joystick support. I doubtfully plugged in my Xbox 360 wired controller... ta daa! It worked! Not just worked.. it worked well. The only thing is that you can't assign the triggers to anything but using the face buttons and joysticks felt natural and smooth.

As a well-aged title, Earthworm Jim is a fun game that is likely very cheap if available at all, and is therefore guaranteed to be worth your money. So if you want a distraction from all the technical jibber-jabber of modern games, pick up Earthworm Jim to get a taste of your long-lost classic gaming days. You won't regret it.