This Game is so quirky and creative I can't help but love it.

User Rating: 8.7 | Earthworm Jim 2 SNES
Nowadays, most games seem to blend into each other with their "edgy" or free roaming gameplay. Earthworm Jim 2 is a game that displays the enthusiasm for originality of yesteryear.

. I'll stop being the old coot and tell you about the game, it is a pretty basic and fun action platformer and is worth checking out just for that. But it has such wacky levels, enemies and sounds that it is still a must play even today. The first level is entitled "anything but tangerines" for some inexplicable reason and the game feature a level based around giant food entitled "level ate." The little things in this game make it all the better, like the way the homing missiles are shaped like houses. The graphics are incredibly varied but are always crisp and colorful. The soundtrack is composed of classical music which for some reason is absolutely awesome and fitting in this game.

. The game is fairly easy for an Snes game and you will probably beat it the first or second try, but that is good since you want to see all the strange levels and what is perhaps the most unusual ending in all of gaming. Aside from that is a somewhat annoying repeating level in which you bounce puppies along on the giant marshmallow O' love. If you have a Snes, go pick this game up for about $10, you'll be glad you did.