If I had to pick what Dead Space reminded me of I'd first say "The Thing" followed closely by "Sunshine"

If I had to pick what Dead Space reminded me of I'd first say "The Thing" followed closely by Sunshine (The movie that's set in space, not Little Miss Sunshine). Now if you've seen either one of those movies and if you've enjoyed either one of those you'll probably like Dead Space.

First off, I'm not going to talk much about the story of Dead Space due mainly to spoilers that I want to avoid. Anyhow, Dead Space's protagonist, Isaac, is part of a team that has been sent to the USS Ishimura to investigate the reasons behind the communication failure that has happened. Long story short, sh*t goes down and you're fu*ked.

Dead Space takes a lot from other games to tell the back story. Most of it gets told through video disks and audio tapes, much like DOOM 3, System Shock and Bioshock. These video and audio logs bring a sense of humanity to the nameless faces that line the corridors. The story over all is plotted out well, but at times I felt it could have done more to explain certain aspects. Dead Space's universe could have been as diverse as Bioshock or Halo, but little is known other than the dealings on the USS Ishimura.

The graphics in Dead Space are some of the best on the Xbox 360.

My jaw literally dropped during the opening sequence as the planet appeared on the view screen with all of the debris floating around.

I mean the production values on the game are really good. I've very rarely have come across glitches and the ones I did see are very minor (texture clipping). One thing I did see is that in some areas there are noticeably low resolution textures. It doesn't take away from the game much, but it sure is noticeable.

Now, you ask me, how's the gore? It can be described in one word: awesome. Every single enemy can get dismembered and oceans of blood will flow. Hell, even after the enemies are dead you can

stomp on them, ripping limbs off until all that's left is a pile of bloody body stubs and a torso.

Speaking of dismemberment the whole game revolves around it. You can shoot arms, legs, tentacles, ball sacs, etc… Each limb that you sever the creature reacts accordingly. Take out legs, the beast crawls, take out the arms, they attack different ways.

One problem I have with the combat is that sometimes it can be a little too difficult. The game throws into a room with four or five monsters in it and then they lock the doors. The enemies vary in difficulty but when there are 5 tentacles whipping your face, it gets a little tough.

With that said, you won't be fighting enemies in every room. In fact there will be times where you'll travel through multiple rooms without a single screech of a creature. During those times you'll mostly be doing fetch quests, which include a lot of back tracking.

Once everything is said and done the game will clock in around 10 hours. Once you beat the game your character stats cross over into a new game. It will take you multiple runs through the game to actually upgrade your character and weapons.

Overall the game is great. With very good production values and a story that would delight horror fans as well as sci-fi fans, I think it deserves a buy, especially if you're a fan of those genres.

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