Short, cute but more frustrating than fun.

"Risk" the board game was always a slightly irritating experience. As much as you may be the best tactician since Admiral Ackbar a simple roll of the dice could destroy all your well laid plans and see you retreating back to the cave you came from. And the same can be said for the arcade game, as you will no doubt be left jubilant at your luck and only moments later stare slack jawed as your territories are taken one after the other.

The premise, for those not familiar with old fashioned non-computer related games, is to take over a map of territories before your enemies do. The arcade addition has also thrown in a campaign mode for single player that has a thin story about how cats, zombies, robots and yetis start going to war with humanity and each other but this is just candy floss to cover the basic gameplay. There are also a set of objectives in campaign battles and achieving any three of these will see your army victorious.

The cartoonish style is very well done in the campaign and the short cut scenes are amusing for what they are, but campaign is painfully easy and you'll soon clear all five levels in a few hours. Once this is done all you're left with is multiplayer or custom maps, where you can also play classic risk (no cats, yetis zombies etc). If you want a challenge, such as it is, then the custom maps are where it's at and only if you go up against as many opponents as possible. But be prepared to scream at your screen more than once as the random AI jumps from being a fool to being the luckiest dice roller this side of the wild west. The newer style is slightly more fun due to the added objectives, though these make the battles a pinch to win. As for multiplayer, good luck finding anyone who will stick around long enough for you or them to win, as quitting out seems to be the modus operandi for everyone who plays this online.

"Risk" isn't a bad game, but its not a very good one. If you fancy a simple game to while away about 40 minutes now and again then its worth getting, but if you had no affection for the original then it will be better for you (and your blood pressure) to give this one a miss.