Another Bland TPS. Hooray!

User Rating: 4 | Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon X360
EDF: Insect Armeggedon is not a bad game, but by any standards its not a good game either.

It sets out to be what it is, a budget title. Nothing more, nothing less. Its as if it purposefully tries to be as average as it can be. The difficulty is set on normal from the start, and all upgrades, items, and levels are designed so that you will continually feel like you are playing on normal throughout the entire game. The story is non existant, not even a backing with text. You character drops down and kills bugs like its his weekend job and no one is even the tiniest bit scared of these giant insects, because you know, this is America. You arm bombs on anthills and your own ships half the game and run to the next objective the other half. The enemies on screen are pretty few, certainly less than its predecessor EDF: 2017, much less Lost Planet or any hack and slash.

The weapon system does again require grinding, if not for the fact that you have to grind 4 different characters now instead of 1. It boast a total of 300 weapons, 107 which are dropped and the others are bought through ingame currency obtained for completion of levels. But you won't be using those dropped weapons anyway, because the first 4 levels only require about an hour of gameplay on said class and after you level up, your guns get around 2 times the damage, making any previous weapons practically trash.

If i had to say what is good about this game, it would be that it provided me with a chance to play monotonous levels with my friends. The online is pretty much dead after that, with crashes, disconnects, griefing, and not being able to find a match. In this day in age, you have to TRY to make online bad for your game to this extent. The fact that you can't even save your exp/weapons if the host leaves/dc makes me think they are protecting the games grinding system as if to say "hey look at me, now grind!". In all honesty the level/loot system in this game would have been okay, if not for every campaign level being a snorefest of bomb objectives.The fact that instead of 2017's "blow it up" style, they put a "arm a bomb" for pretty much every other objective(the other objective would be to move to the next objective) is sad enough without mentioning the fact that you constantly have to wait for your operator to stop talking in order for you to move to the next objective. I could not think of a more annoying and boring way to design the levels around than arming bombs and moving to point to point for absolutely no logical reason.

The story is pretty much "shoot the bugs" without any buildup whatsoever. The only good character is Sully, who from time to time will point out the obvious like "there weak spot is there body, shoot that" or "its a giant bug". To spoil some "story" you do fight a queen ant, the biggest boss in the game. But sadly, she just sits there and doesn't attack. That has to be the worse boss fight i've ever seen, not even a challenge, just sit there and shoot its "weak spots" till it dies with absolutely no chance whatsoever of being attacked by it. The game (to spoil even more "Plot") Has no ending. In fact, your ending is riding off in a chopper with the giant mothership blowing up new detroit(the only place you play on, but for some reason will tell you every time you enter a loading screen as if you forgot). You literally end the game on a "oh well, we tried" note.

+ The game has online.
+ You get 4 unique classes

-A small amount of enemies on screen.
-Leveling system requires hours of grinding just for one level, which is the only way to get new weapons.
-The hardest difficulty is not exceptionally hard.
-Online barely works.
-No saving of data if host d/c's or you have to leave.
-Weapon drops seem completely random no matter what difficulty you play it on.
-The boss fights aren't a challenge and can be considered shooting at a giant hp wall for a minute.
- There is no ending.

Shooting bugs has never been this boring.