Eador: Masters of the Broken World Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Conquer your first province. Thus Began the Empire
    Earn first hero level. A Career in the Making
    Win your first tactical battle. The Glorious Opening
    Talk to Zarr in the Astral. The Obnoxious Companion
    Resurrect a slain hero. Reanimation
    Receive medal with a unit. The Royal Guard
    Explore a province to 100%. Persistence and Diligence
    Survive with a hero the annihilation of his army. From Hell with a Bang
    Reach 10th hero level. Pathways to Mastery
    Begin your first siege. The Besieging Practices
    Capture your first shard. Brave New World
    Encounter Oinor. The Wise Old Man
    Conquer a shard after constructing all available buildings in the stronghold. Architect
    Conquer a shard without losing any battles involving the heroes. Strategist
    Reach 20th hero level. Experience Addiction
    Capture over 50% of provinces on a shard. Militant Disposition
    Encounter Beleth. Ambitions Rule the World
    Forge an alliance with the lizardmen. In Cold Blood
    Conquer a shard after unveiling the entire map. Cartographer
    Encounter Doh-Gor. Violence CAN Be a Solution
    Forge an alliance with the halflings. Short and to the Point
    Slay a dragon. Did They Have the Jurassic There?
    Destroy the guards of a store in province. Everybody Be Cool, This Is a Robbery!
    Encounter Vianta. Thumbelina
    Fight off an attack by another Master against your shard. The Best Offense
    Capture a shard in less than 45 turns. Blitzkrieg
    Construct all possible buildings in the stronghold. Can't Stop Building
    Lose a battle for the shard due to an uprising in your capital province. Viva la Revolucion!
    Conquer a shard after exploring over 1000% of uncharted land across the provinces. Explorer
    Encounter Oumm. Achievement...
    Encounter Stenriya. How Do You Know She Is a Witch?
    Forge an alliance with the elves. The Elf-friend
    Forge an alliance with the centaurs. The Best of Both Worlds
    Encounter L'Anshar. Dead and Lovin' It
    Conquer a shard after gathering at least one set of 4 or more items. Collector
    Forge an alliance with the orcs. March of the Horde
    Conquer a shard without losing any units serving in the heroes' armies. Tactician
    Conquer a shard after plundering over 1000 gold from the provinces. Destroyer
    Construct magic school of fourth tier. Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    Forge an alliance with the dwarves. Drinking Buddies
    Encounter Dariol. The Firstborn King
    Forge an alliance with the goblins. Like a goblin
    Encounter the Nameless. I Have No Name and I Must Speak
    Conquer a shard after winning 10 fights on the Arena. Arena Champion
    Encounter Ranadil. Father of All Lightnings
    Encounter Adrageron. The Devil You Know
    Encounter Herskil. Empire of the Sun
    Lose the campaign to Chaos invasion. No Cure for Entropy
    Encounter Dorikos. The Dragon Never Sleeps
    Summon over 50 skeletons or zombies in a battle for the shard. Lord of Bones
    Encounter Erdu. The Lone Survivor
    Conquer a shard after looting 10 locations with dragon guards. Dragon Hunter
    Encounter Ul-Dagan. Engineering Excellence
    Encounter Magnus. The Well of Knowledge
    Finish the game with «Destroy all life» ending. Genocide