Love this game and stomp you out

User Rating: 8.5 | EA Sports MMA X360
with its short comings and minor flaws still better than ufc to me it brings a new round about element to the game i hate playing online against little kids at ufc who dont know what there doing and there button mashing and they get a lucky knock out where as in EA its really a chess match both ends of the game defensive and offensive plus the soccer kick I love them and stompin someones face out is great besides this is something new and fresh it will give ufc a run for its money game wise even though they dont have the roster that ufc has but its a great F'n game ufc feels to repetitive feels like 2009 EA brought in the hit stick great cause i love fight night series better than u button mashing F***ERS the training is good I practice Jujitsu plus because im well rounded with hit stick my style was jujitsu worked all my ground game with my specials then my stand up submitted everyone easy then started knockin fools out once i worked on my stand up