I think the game is completely underrated and/or the competition is overrated.

User Rating: 8.5 | EA Sports MMA X360
I believe the ufc 09 was overrated since there was no competition to give good judging criteria. ufc 2010 did improve upon 09, but only slightly added mechanics which should of been in 09, like the cage and dodge/weave. with that being said, now i can talk about the ea's mma.

Better graphics
Better Animations hands down (not robotic, better flowing)
More arena options
Headstomps and soccer kicks
stamina bar
submission mini games (from physical pov, these resemble the experience of stamina drain for both defense and offense and the feeling of getting choked when being in that position and how your focus and stamina control way in heavily on the situation)
Different styles make for interesting matchups
Online play
extra strikes after the bell

Loading times are a bit lengthy
striking is a little slow, but does speed up depending on weightclass and advancement
roster isnt as strong (minor detail when you can create those personas)

people complaining about total strike control when they have the option of changing it to closer resemble the competition