EA MMA was a big waste of time and ten bucks

User Rating: 4 | EA Sports MMA X360
As and MMA fan and guy who trains for the sport I am always looking to get my hands on an MMA game. Watching some previews from EA MMA the technique looked off and I was not very impressed so I waited to get it used. It was still not a good decision. The striking looked like a bunch of brawling idiots (even from the technical fighters like Cung Le) the ground game looked and played solid but every other aspect from the striking to the takedowns just looked off and didn't play so well.

The idea of fighting your way to the top was good and the game had many good ideas unfortunately the most important part, the gameplay, was way off the mark. All in all the game had good ideas and was ambitious but there is not an excuse this is EA and better was expected.

+ Great ideas
+ Solid ground game
+ Decent graphics

- Bad gameplay
- Horrible striking technique
- Telegraphed takedowns
- Couldn't pick your fights in career mode
- Uninspired commentary