Few flaws here and there but still a nice game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Shin Sangoku Musou Next VITA
When I bought Dynasty Warriors Next last week, I was sceptical on my purchase. I saw the Gamespot's review and was got a bit worried that I wasted money. I mean "5/10, oh shoot, Im screwed." But, then when I actually played the game, I was not shocked at the review score, but at Gamespot.

Set in Early China, the story tells a tale of China in the middle of a great war. Ive done some research and some of the characters in this game actually exist. Yet, sadly, the story is not memorable at all and does not have an indepth plot and characters.

Commanding a giant army with an epic weapon in your hand? Oh ya, thats gonna be fun. And it is. It feels freakin epic when I mow down the enemy army. Not only that, but the game has some strategy tie-ins too. I definitely love the hack n slash and strategy blend in this game.

Another feat of the PS Vita, the graphics are absolutly gorgeous for a portable game. The cutscenes have the classic JRPG feel instead of what you would find in other PS Vita games like Uncharted.

Ehhhh...One word: Cheesy. The voice acting is a bit sad. It feels like the acting in the Power Ranger Series. Even the script could be better. What annoys me the most is the constant battle cries the heroes do when they attack. I got used to it.

I conclude this game to be a nice hack'n'slash strategy blend with some flaws here and there. Most people who play this (probably gamespot too) forget one amazing thing about this game...its portable. You can bring it anywhere and still has the console gaming feel.