Dynasty Warriors is getting too fantastic and kiddy

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I always liked in the old DW games how the game felt more real, even though it was a little outlandish. But now everything just feels ridiculous and fake; I just roll my eyes every time when they have Zhang Jiao floating in videos with magic like it is real, or when Zhao Yun flings himself 600 feet in the air in a cut scene. I think they should reboot the series in a grittier and realistic series that focuses on the individual stories of characters. Like what happened to individualized Musou modes and people having unique weapons. I feel like I speak for everyone when I say it feels lousy when you can use Xu Zhu with a sword. A giant mace. That is his weapon. Stop trying to make everything "awesome." I think that Koei needs to take away the magical looking boosty stuff and make it feel real. I don't want my character to glow with power when I get speed up for exactly 30 seconds, and I certainly don't want to shoot electricity everywhere at the end of my combo. I want to pick up a power up and not know how long it will last and how powerfully it will affect me like a real herbal remedy. I want to not know how many hits will kill me. I want to feel like I could get fatally wounded at any moment. I mean all of this can only be taken so far: we still need meat buns to get health, but it should still feel like I am on a battle field in ancient China. I want to pull arrows out of my arm and have to bandage my leaking wounds before I bleed out. I want my character to get focused with rage in scenarios and get exhausted when they are about to die. I also think that you should be able to hold a trigger and enter a focused fighting mode where you can mix up your combos, where you can create more varied combos by making 6 or 7 buttons available to attack. That way you can feel skilled with individual characters and it feels fresh when you are playing with them. Maybe have events where you train the characters skill sets. What do you all think?
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Actually, what you describe is exactly what I DON'T want. I want fun and artistic arcade style fighting that I can relax and have fun to after a hard day's work. I don't want to be running around looking for a bandage for my wounds, that would interrupt my mad pwnage spree :) If you want something more challenging Dynasty Warriors Online is just that, though not as realistic as you described. Dynasty Warriors has become a somewhat ridiculous light-showy battlefield-leveling killing spree in which you can destroy entire armies without the blood and gore of other more "realistic" games. It's what keeps me coming back every time. My preorder is already in.
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There's always Samurai Warriors or Warriors Orochi
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There's always Samurai Warriors or Warriors OrochiOzzieDeath
I toldly 100% agree although i have not play warriors orcochi at all samurai warriors is the game to play its challenging and always keeps you on your feet. samurai warriors 2 is always challenging.
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Try some paragraphs kid, and have to agree somewhat, I like hte idea of a more grittier dynasty warriors game thats more emotional and mature, like blood and body parts, but everything else stays the same.

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DW was always fantastic; as a matter of fact, I'd say it's much grittier now, starting with 6 - even if 6 is the weakest game in the series.

You're also a game late whining about the weapon system; that has been around since 7.  While you have a right to complain, you also have a responsibility to make it legible; i.e. more white-space.

That said, if you want something grittier, you're more than welcome to go get it, but you won't find anything like a Warriors game, try as you might.

So, happy hunting.  We'll just enjoy our game (which means you don't speak for us at all) :)    And I can assure you, DW 8 is frickin' AWESOME.

Your loss.

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after dw6 i just buy the Empires version of every dw game lol

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So I bought this game other day and it's a lot of fun actually.  It's a lot better than oricachi, and well everything past dynasty warriors 4 to be blunt.  I still like the weapon system from the ps2 games however. Where you either found a weapon and can have up to 4, or you just upgraded your weapon through xp points.