Madden 06 for XBOX 360 is a waste of time!

Madden 06 should not even be called Madden 06. Madden got rid of all the things that made madden so fun to play in the first place. The graphics are really good and they put in the hall of fame. To be honest i have not played the game long enough to put any players in the hall of fame. If madden 06 was not rushed then the developers did a really bad job. They got rid of fantasy draft, different camera angles, the ability to edit player appearances, the ability to challenege a play, and franchise mode lost all of the unique aspects that made madden better than all of the other football games. Not being able to do the day to day business for the franchise or move the team to another city really has me disapointed. All of my friends that bought Madden 06 have stopped playing it and have been trading it in for $25 store credit which is what i would recommend all owners of Madden 06 to do in protest. I will give Madden 07 a chance but if it is the same as madden 06 then I will be forced to give up football games permanently.