Worth the price? Well that's up to the user. It's not as good as IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 that's for sure.

A $49.99 price tag for this one? Well...the box is nicely done at least. There are various maps that come with the game that add a nice touch. The update/patcher is also a nice addition. there are also many paint schemes and the like which you can download which come free with the game. There is also an option to "buy" content.
I was hoping for a flight sim along the lines of IL-2 1946. What we have here is a good,not great WW1 flight sim. Don't expect super fast speeds with these aircraft.

The graphics are well done, though not as detailed as the console version(s) of IL-2 Birds Of Prey even on max settings running on a high-end card and plenty of RAM. The plane detail is very well done as are the landscapes. Though the overall engine is not as great as IL-2 in terms of depth. The graphics are better than IL-2 1946. There are some nice details but it's nothing spectacular. Sure the details (raindrops) help but what ROF DOESN'T have are the superb controls and "feel" of IL-2.

The controls are simply too touchy at the moment. It's frustrating to even try to take off. Many times you'll loose parts of your wings prior to takeoff. Much practice is needed with this game. Flight stick adjustment is required to get yourself off the ground. Patches could fix the problems and if the game is popular enough, hopefully the devs will. The camera system is also buggy and not really smooth.

There are many missions to choose or you can give the career mode a go. I haven't tried online play mainly because i can't even get online. As of this writing, I'm still trying to figure that out.

The sounds are great the developers have done an outstanding job. The cgi/cut scenes could use some help in the character modeling department.

ROF is probably the best WW1 flight sim available. But if you are looking for a better sim that also has WW1 planes and much better controls, IL-2 1946 is recommended over this game. ROF has room for improvement and with a strong community it will certainly get better with time. See you in the skies!