Finally Call of Duty takes it's steps towards the Modern Age of history

What a great Call of Duty game that came out and finally it takes its steps off the WWII part of history and moves on to the modern ages and brings quite a bit to the 360! The graphics are so beautiful it makes you feel like you are there, the weapons are great and modern of course, single player is amazing the story line is well worth the time, the multiplayer is just addicting as hell, the ranks and challenges are just cool, and the characters and maps are just good looking. You can play as the Arabics, Russians, USA, or SAS in multiplayer and then you can choose classes which are the Assualt (Assualt Rifles), Demolitions (Shotgun), Special Opps (SMG), Sniper (Sniper), and Heavy Assualt. It just doesnt stop there either in classes you can now create a class which lets you choose weapons you unlocked and upgrade them by adding scopes, grenade launchers, silencers, and more. It also lets you choose the pisto and the Upgrades to your character like more health, damage, sprint time, and even let you grab your pistol when you are wounded badly and shoot while you are dieing. Also the game allows you to take on challenges and give you more exp to your profile. Last but not least is the special in game machines of war you can call in a UAV, Air strikes, and Heli strikes. There has been many conflicts about which games are better and I honestly think it's retarded! Why can 't you like all the games. This game deserves a 10/10