Unique story, amazing characters, and best of all the wild west.

Here's my review.
A long time ago back when women were whores, and didn't had rights, a new man came in the small town Armadillo. At 1st when you saw those people running to the train they were probably saying "Get out of my way, i been holding this for 2 hours". ok back to reality. the game is just wonderful with excitement and makes you have feelings for people or go all Jesse James style. At 1st it was pretty boring because well 1 you got shot, 2 you are in mcflarne's ranch, 3 you still have to ride a horse until you get to the shooting. The Story takes place in the late 1800s and things were crazy back then. From dueling to skin your dog. From selling your goods to head shotting a unarmed civilian because either you were in a bad mood. The weapons feel right in every way, the noise just so realistic. Now the animals are truly wonderful, it's like they are actually there. it makes see the light of what animals weren't extinct. Every different person has his or her own uniqueness. Your choice of being the hero of the west or being the most wanted of the west. Now the story. It's so well done because it's like a movie, but it has more plot twist and a sad ending. Hope you enjoyed my review, maybe i'll see you in the west.