Simple but ammazing

Minecraft is no super graphic survival game nor will it blow your mind with its story (mainly because this is none)
but it will make you think about staying alive as long as you can!
As you start your new game you should understand this "No two worlds are the same" literally!
Due to the games unique world generator a new world is made every time your start a new game and you are dropped in a random location near or far from resources, but no time to take in the view because as the night lurks over the horizon monsters start to wiggle out of the wood work of your new world.
And they are all hungry for your flesh!!
Punch a few trees and make tools, use those tools to collect rock, coal etc to build a shelter and pray the monsters dont find you!
If you survive the night then you will be rewarded with the sight of those horrid monster burnning! At night and in the shadows they hunt but in the light they burn to ash.
after that its up to you do mine hoping to fine more ores or do you spend your time building a better shetter?
But like before no time to explore to much for night comes all to quickly....Mwhahahahahaha

As you see Minecrafts Solo play is fun by it self, even more so if you master it and start building a 1:1 scale model of the star ship enterprise (its on youtube.... its HUGE!!)

Or you can connect to a server and play with people in Survival or creative modes... and build a 1:1 scale model of the Star ship Enterprise.