Well looks like they screwed it up. Figured it was too good to be true.

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First person is the superior viewpoint so that is a good thing. However this still fails because they're not zombies but 'infected'. The 'special infected' zombie nonsense is killing the genre. People keep saying there are too many zombie games... Well NO there actually aren't any. Every game suffers from special infected crap. And if it doesn't then it isn't really a game (Telltale). Nope so they screwed up again. Apparently there's a super infected that can chase you down using parkour too. And they light up to show they've found you or when you hit them. GAY! Just GAY!
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Pretty much every zombie movie since 28 Days Later has been calling them infected, what's the big deal?

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I do not mind as long as it is not another stupid MMO.

I hope this includes a good Single player

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I'm, really not following how the name of the zombies deters from the gameplay, how interactive, or how immersive it is. So is The Walking Dead a terrible series as well, they call their zombies "Walkers"?

I hope this includes a good Single player

I completely agree with you Simplythebest12, though so far I think the game is really looking fun.

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You seem to be dismissing an entire game on a technicality based on the name of the foes... that's as prejudiced as the rest of your comments.

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infected are zombies. it's just a way to explain why they are up walking around. and also to explain the weird things that happen to dead bodies. this has been around since resident evil. all the zombies in the first game were infected with the t-virus. resident evil 4 they were infected with las plaga a parasite, etc... infected seem to be a better term than zombie. since that word is used more in fantasy games. to explain undead corpses animate by magic. infected is more of modern term for the same thing.