About time a decent looking first person zombie survival game was announced!

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I've been dreaming of a true first person zombie survival game since Dead Rising and NOTHING has delivered. I was losing hope that I'd ever see one as people keep whinging that zombies are over-used. Yeah there may be a lot of zombie games but not ONE does it right so far and truly delivers what fans of the Z apocalypse genre actually want. Here's hoping Dying Light finally gets it right.
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Agreed... and from the guys that brought us Dead Island. Looking forward to seeing more of this game.

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I also belive in this game. DI was ok, but adding parkour to slaughter zombies looks really promising. BTW, this is a nice wink to DI fans :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eAnT4Vf0JE
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I was so eager for DI, but was THOROUGHLY disappointed. It was fun for like the first few hours, then got extremely old. I want a Walking Dead (TV show)-style survivor horror game. An open world where you can choose different paths, like choose different members to join your group, find weapons, ammo, supplies, food, etc. A full on apocalypse scenario. I want the freedom of Skyrim with a never ending supply of zombies and/or evil creatures. Plenty of quests like Skyrim or GTAV, with plenty of melee weapons, weapon creation, & firearms. I really didn't like the "melee based" DI. I also want ONE GOOD HEADSHOT to put a zombie down. Destroy the brain, it's over. Not hack-and-slash "Higher level zombies" that can just take immense damage. I want to save people, kill people, protect my group, find my own shelter or spot to hold my base and live. AND make it co-op, I want to join with my friends/family. Also, I want full character creation. Character looks, and special skills and stats to customize. I would like to even go as far as growing a garden, hunting and fishing for food if I choose to. Honestly, sounds like a job fit ONLY for Bethesda. I want to be in control of the game, not be controlled by it. But I might as well give up hope for the perfect Zombie Apocalypse game, every single zombie game has let me down. I guess I'll just have to stick with Skyrim and wait for ESO (fingers crossed)...