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I am intrigued by this game, but i feel like it is going to suffer from under-population. Thoughts?
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this game wants to operate in the same way that eve online has been successful for years. eve started with 1000-2000 online during peak times, but now it has 40-50 thousand. what im saying is, dust does not want 100000 players online that fade away and leave, it wants a small, dedicated community and then they want to slowly grow the game.
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When I first logged in last night, it said the population was 6000. Of course, the game proceeded to download a sh**load of updates that took forever so I never actually got to play. But, again, it said there was about 6000 players online. Probably more but they were downloading updates as well. :P

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Yeah I am sure the game population will continue to grow over the next few weeks and word gets out about it. What hurt it this week was the map pack being released for Black Ops 2.