Frustrated with the Dust 514 community.

#1 Posted by CaesarIIII (21 posts) -

I been playing the Open Beta for a well now. As a First Person Shooter, Dust 514 has to be one of the worst ones i had play for YEARS, yet trying to provide CCP with productive feedback, has proven to be impossible. The Forums are full with MEGA trolls, Kids, and Spoiled brats.

The potential for the game is there to be seen, but the community is killing any change that this game may have of future success.

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The CCP actual forums are a good place.  Also that is the only place they will look.

I played through closed, open, and tried it on full release and I have to say its still the most LAG i have ever had in any fps.  Only game that does it.  Hope this fix it.