Great Combat System for an MMORPG. Awsome character Build Customization.

User Rating: 8 | Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited PC
To start off, I think this game has a Great Combat system. You Click to swing, Shift to block, ect.. Its all real-timed and fast Paced.

Graphics- This game has nice graphics for how old it is. On all high they are very Nice looking.

Combat- The Combat System makes this game stand out among other MMORPGs. It is very fast paced.

Quests- This game is all about Dungeons. There are some outside areas too. The dungeon feeling is very nice, they are full of Monster, Loot, Puzzle and Traps.

Character Customization- You can customize your guys appearance in the beginning fairly well. The real customization is in the Character build. You can pick any feats and other thing you want your character too use. You can pretty much play what you want.

Community- The game has had a great community for a long time, easily one of the best. Tho since it went free-to-play that has changed a bit. Overall it is still pretty good.


No persistent World, the entire game is instances when you are in a dungeon it is just you and your party. The only place you see people is in town.

- No real crafting system. There is something they call crafting but it really isn't what you would expect. Also so harvesting.

- The game can be group dependant. This may be a Con or Pro depending on the players.

Overall- I would say this game is very good. It has a lot of different things to offer. Since it is free-to-play there is no reason not to try it out.