Easy controls, great accessories, with slightly aged graphics. Nothing remarkable, but a light, rewarding experience.

User Rating: 8 | Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited PC
If this is your first MMORPG, you won't be disappointed. The game is free to download --and once you complete the main missions you can continue your journey... with a small price for each additional "mod".

However, there are many positive aspects to Dungeons and Dragon's Online...For example:

* Allows difficultly level-changes. Go through a crypt on easy in a minute or two. Then raise the difficultly, and re-enter for bonus experience points and treasures.

* Plenty of chatting or feedback from other players --A place that's bustling with life is always a good sign for an MMORPG. Even if you're lost, you can find someone who may be interested in sharing information with you -- to help your quest or to burn some time.

* Built-in narration that builds the story, and tips-and-hints indicators which help you through missions.

* The graphics are dated (like Dungeon Siege, only with glow, anti-aliasing 8x, higher resolution textures), but running on a modern system, you'll be pleased with this fact...and may decide to get a friend to join you in your guild. On their entry-level laptop or PC!

** Servers are great **

Dungeons and Dragons Online is an unremarkable, yet satisfying first-time MMORPG. For a beginner, it gives a taste of the co-operative play that many PS3 owners enjoy in large worlds such as Final Fantasy, and PC owners with their World of Warcraft raiding.

If you don't mind paying for an online experience much like Dungeon Siege, you will thoroughly enjoy this game.