A good break from the typical.

User Rating: 8 | Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited PC
This game is what, in my view, an mmorpg should at least have elements of. Most games are shallowly conceived around pointless features, built around how many pointless things you can do. Yeah it's cool to craft, fish, farm for whatever, hell even building a house would be awesome in an mmorpg but that's where so many games go wrong, point is, there is no substance in many games. This game is what you'd expect from an RPG, or what an RPG used to be. Instead of the typical "click-and-watch" battles where you press a couple of numbers every couple of seconds, the battles in this game, while not revolutionary, give you at least some conscious control over your character, swinging of the sword and blocking with your shield. If any of you have ever read a D&D book, you'd know all about the journeys, quests, and most importantly the companionship. This game makes you feel like you're playing a D&D story, of your own. It's very very easy to find a group, and when you're questing the Dungeon Master will chime in to give atmosphere, commenting on the "putrid stale air" or giving you insight to the situation a bit like "As you enter the room, you notice the......." so on and so forth. All of the stat building and character molding and die checks are all still intact from the D&D pen/paper-boardgames, so all of you who are familiar will have no trouble adjusting and those of you who are new won't need long to figure it all out. Also, when questing together, you don't have to worry about someone stealing your rare kill, or loot, or XP, or anything because it's shared. Everyone works together, loot in treasure chests is divided automatically based on class, kills if counted count for all, it's about overcoming the challenge together. Now, you can solo as well if you'd like or even hire henchmen if you don't want to deal with real people. There are many things, and I definitely suggest checking it out for yourself. This game isn't perfect but I would like to see the ideas in this game further developed and polished into something that could be grand, as well as new features implemented into an already solid foundation.

See you on DDO!

oh yeah, if you're worried you won't like it, don't worry, i forgot to mention (not really) it's free to play now. I just wanted to woo you first, but I know how some folks will just jump on anything that's free.