I swear to God, this game is a five star restaurant's menu of wrong, and we are only on the appetizers...

User Rating: 2 | Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale PC
Yes, I decided to try this game out despite the awful review, I have always liked D&D games, from the legendary Baldur's Gate Series to the less impressive D&D Online, but this... There is lot of potential here but it's completly annihilated by the developers stupid decisions. First of, like the other reviewer I was unable to find out how to use the special powers... there is no mention of it in the manual or the tutorials, I think there are no special powers, they are just their for show.
Then there is my second hate, for 20 years I have been playing D&D and every time you find a loot you get to keep it, here, for some unphathomably stupid reason you have to pay gold to pick up loot you find... let me repeat that... you spend money to pick up loot... WHY!!! It's the dumbest thing to grace this world since Sarah Palin.
Other flaws, the warrior starts out in cloth armor, the enemy AI isdumb as a rock, the cameras are all over the place and make it hard to see and worst of all is the difficulty. This is easiest game rpg ever, if you have the patience for it you could probably finish it in 4-5 hours.

I however, don't have that patience and will be uninstalling...