the best online f.p.s made to date bar none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you dont have online you might fall in love with this game. this is the first ture f.p.s. that i have enjoyed. yes i could not get into halo. any time i want to get rid of stress it free for all. now there are many gamers who talk way to much trash trun off thier micks. sit back and give your self a two week time frame to get into this game. after that you will be in love and thanking me.after 3 weeks i am at level 38. the past of this game is fast and fun. the price is a steal now i went to game spot a got it for $35. i know that i am late to jump on this bus, but i am glad that i did make that jump. and now is the prefect time to do it. the next game will be out 11/10/09 which gives any one enough time to learn this one. so when the next one drops you'll be ready for it. now i did not think that much of c.o.d world at war, just because this one is so great. this is a game that any on line gamer needs to have. pick up a used copy at any game stop give it a week, if you are not happy go back a pick something different.