Best First Person Shooter Ever!!!

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare, surely is the best Call of Duty game ever. The story mode except for being modern war fare though is much like the other games, it has the same length and you basically do the same stuff, still i liked the story mode. The online play is amazing. It is certainly the best First Person Shooter online!!!!! It is basically impossible to ever get bored of the online play, it is totally adicting!!!!!!!!!! There is a huge variety of different game types to choose from, over 40 weapons, a great voice chat, there are many different ranks that you will achieve as you progress on through the online play and gain experience, you will also unlock new challenges that are really challenging, and unlock new weapons and perks that will allow you to uprgrade your weapon class; one of the best things is that you can create your own class, choose whatever gun you would like with any perk of your choise, and you can even add and invite friends while you are playing a game. The maps are really cool though I wish there were a little bit more, they ceep making more maps as the months go by, but I wish there would have been more to begin with. This game was totally worth its price, especially for me I got it for 37 dollars new. So as you see this game is really impossible to ever get board of even if you finisch the story mode!!! I would say ITS A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!