Dungeon Siege, made entirely for a console, and then thrown at the PC at the last minute. Rent first; you MIGHT like it.

User Rating: 4 | Dungeon Siege III PC
This is another one of those games that got designed entirely for consoles, and then the PC got a copy thrown at it with nothing more than a cursory addition of higher resolutions than consoles can handle.

There's the "[E] is for [E]verything" key - See that door? E it. Through that door you see a chest... E it. Item flies out of the barrel on to the floor... E it. You can't hover your mouse over to highlight and interact with items - of course not. Consoles don't have pointers, and so PC's can't either. Even the UI for accessing your inventory etc. is entirely focused on console controls - no nice mouse controls.

Camera control is terrible and very limited, with annoying and restrictive controls.

Characters are pre-created - you can't design your own custom character... you're given a tiny handful of characters you get to play as, and that's who you are.

Combat feels entirely 'action based', zero 'rpg-ness' at all. Even Diablo had more depth to it's combat than this.

The levels and story are extremely linear and controlling - there's no sandboxing, free-roaming, or roleplaying to be had here.

All in all, a huge disappointment. That's not to say nobody will like this - I know some people will love a simple action game with nothing mere suggestions of fantasy RPG, in which case this is probably right up your street. Anyone else though - I'd suggest you watch some gameplay videos and try it out first.