Dungeon Party Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Has dispensed 500 Health points Healer
    Has inflicted 1000 points of damage Anticoagulant
    Has won 50 games International
    Has laid 10 traps Trapper
    Has completed 50 games Experienced
    Has drunk 10 potions Sipper
    Has thrown the treasure 50 times Treasure thrower
    Has completed 20 games Getting the feel
    Has carried the treasure 50 times Treasure seducer
    Has covered 1000m carrying the treasure Loves the treasure
    Has won 10 games Very Promising
    Has smashed 50 crates Breaker
    Has completed 10 games Apprentice
    Has covered 500m carrying the treasure Treasurer
    Has killed 10 enemy heroes Wicked
    Has won 1 game Amateur
    Has killed 1 enemy hero I'm a killer
    Has hosted and completed 1 game Independent
    Has completed the tutorial n00b
    Has joined and completed 1 game Follower

    Contributed by: Guard Master