Sorry to say but Square-enix, you killed FFXII!

Revenant wings attempts to story-tell although fails.

The story of this game is one of the poorest stories I've come across to date. It conveys no symbolism, no attempts to structure a story and no efforts to make this story unforgettable [IMO]. I totally disagree with a newly introduced species which comes in totally 'out of the blue'.

The characters are similar to those of the original FFXII which is consoled on Playstation 2. I am somewhat confused as to how these characters suddenly lack in character compared to their last game. Although the characters are still here I guess. Vaan, Penelo, Baltheir, Fran, Ashe, and Basch are still in the gang. Although I also disagree with the random characters who all of a sudden are capable of fighting these characters Kytes and Filo. Kytes was featured at the very beginning of FFXII Ps2. He was introduced after the prologue with Recks. And who the hell is Filo in the first place anyways?

Gameplay is worthy of trying, it was a simply strategy game just like your usual old school War Craft I,II and III only using excessive use of the NDS touchpad. It is fun and time consuming for children who do not have homework. Various fiends and espers are available only in battle. To unlock these fiends and espers, you must first advance them on your look-a-like License Grid. As you master every fiend/esper they are able to be used in battle.

Overall this game was not worth buying. With that money I wish i had purchased my PSP instead. Thanks for reading my review and please rate this helpful or not helpful.

Thank you.