Good game in some ways.

User Rating: 7.6 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
So young Keeper you have come Forth to Read this review Well done HAHAH. ok ill get to the point Good game In a lot of ways With the graphics and Sound But some How you will like this game like me. Graphics: Well there good But not that good Can get a bit blury and on creatures Bodys but thats only when you zoom really close. Nice dark And gloomy look the Graphics do on this game Who can complain Graphics are well um good. Gameplay: Can get a bit Of the same Most times you know like Build rooms and then train Your Creatures then attack. Although Can get fun When you are Fighting At times But your always doing the same things. When it comes to fighting Enemy Keepers that can get More fun other than Fighting The goody Forces of good. So like Graphics Game play is well Um good. Sound: Sound Has to be My most liked Thing about this game Sound. Sounds Good on it With the Water driping and Monsters training Very fun to listen to At times Which is why i like the sounds on the game. Value: Well its Fairly good Online never works so dont expect to play online But its kind of Worth if you dont pay like 20£ for it or 20$ maby if you pay like 10$ or Pounds less then its worth your money. I mostly just play on skirmish But skirmish if fun. Well i would Buy it Good game in some ways And bad game in others I love the intro movie. Do you? Good cos its graphics and sounds And bad cos its Bit borring Gameplay and Online. You you will find something to like about it. surely.