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What Gamespot Users have to say about Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

  • User Rating 10

    My first RTS game in my life! Spent lots of hours palying it! Revolutionary... One of the best from 1992 - today!

    Rated on December 29, 2009 by MatyKpo

    Spanish Review: Mi primer juego de estrategia en tiempo real. Pasé horas, dias, meses, años jugandolo y nunca va a perder la magia! Un juego revolucionario para la época. Pionero del género Altamen...

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  • User Rating 10

    Masterpiece - As if it was created by GOD HIMSELF

    Rated on March 16, 2010 by Jega__

    My dad bought this game home from work one day (specifics are sketchy) on 1 or multiple floppy disks. maybe in 94ish??? i was addicted from the word go. ive never payed any game in my entire life l...

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  • User Rating 9.5

    One of the best RTS games of all time!<br /> Very good gameplay, good story and was really ahead of its time imo!

    Rated on January 09, 2009 by kozzy1234

    I remember when this game first came out and how much i enjoyed it. I must have played for about 4-5 hours and the last 20 mins i was playign my dad came and was watching me play. He was very interest...

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  • User Rating 8.5

    One of the first good real time strategy games produced.

    Rated on February 10, 2008 by ahardy

    In this classic real time strategy you play one of three 'houses' who are competing for the rule of the planet Dune and it's valuable Spice. The emporer has allowed three houses to compete and they ar...

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