Controller frustration?

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Anyone else having issues with game controllers NOT working with this game?  I have been waiting ever since this game was announced to play it and, surprise surprise, my controller will not work with it.  I have a Gravis Gamepad Pro controller and it works with almost every game I own on Steam...I don't even know which one I should get for this one...can't seem to find a suitable support page for this game online.  Anywho, if anyone else has issues or has resolved them, please respond, this isn't exactly a game that I would want to play on keyboard.


That being said...if any of you DO have suggestions on good keyboard control setups, also advise.  Right now, I have the usual World of Warcraft setup with this game, you know, W, A, S, D (E for jump attack, etc.).  Any better setups are welcome.


Thanks in advance, I'm out!

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Go to this site and then download an xbox 360 controller emulator file (x360ce in downloads page). It is a free software that can emulate XBOX 360 controller with your controller.

After that you can extract & copy the file to DuckTales game folder, that contain DuckTales.exe (in my case my DuckTales.exe is in "executable" folder)

Then you can setting your controller button yourself or get online controller setting to play this game, just open the x360ce.exe.

I really enjoy this DuckTales Remastered game, I hope you to after trying this.


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Thank you so much, I downloaded it and will see if I can get this to work.  The problem is, I can't seem to find the actual exe file for Ducktales on my local machine since I purchased and downloaded it directly from Steam.  I'll keep looking for it and see if this will help me play it.  Thanks again!

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GOT IT!  Thank you SO MUCH!  It works perfectly! 

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Ok, then happy playing. ^^

You can also use this x360ce emu to other games that using xbox 360 controller.