A return to form after the disappointing Driver 3

User Rating: 8 | Driver: San Francisco PS3
Driver 1 and 2 were great games but when Driver 3 came out it was awful hoping to challenge the likes of GTA the game had massive problems and is best forgotten. Now Driver San Francisco is hoping to get the series back on track.


Well it is a bit weird really Tanner has been put in a coma after an incident involved going after criminal Jericho. He soon realises when he wakes up he has abilities to switch vehicles on the fly. He is on the hunt for Jericho a criminal who is hoping to use some kind of chemical to destroy San Francisco.


The game as you can guess is a driving game you are given a map on where to go and what to do but to advance the story you will have to complete a certain number of tasks before doing so. This could be from taking someone down in a squad car or a race or some task. Some of the tasks are refreshing and are fun to play sometimes.

As well as those sections you get optional tasks to like do a certain number of tasks in a time limit or drive a certain speed for a number of seconds. It is worth doing these side things because they give you Will Power which lets you buy cars and even Garages and abilities for your car like ramming ability and a bigger boost for your vehicle.

Also in the game you get even abilities to get you across the area quick with the zooming in and zooming out ability throughout the game.

There are also like film like symbols scattered throughout the area which unlock special challenges and one of them is very familiar to those who played the first game.

What are some of the flaws with the game. Well some missions can be a right pain to do and while it's cool at first the novelty of switching vehicles becomes a bit old and makes you wonder if you really need to buy any of the cars in the garages.


It looks great San Francisco is a massive area to travel through with loads of bridges and stuff and the cars are pretty cool too. The audio itself isn't to bad either.


About 8 to 10 hours of gameplay but after that there really ain't much to go back for and it probably might not be something you will play again in a hurry.

Overall Opinion

Driver San Francisco is a return to form but not gonna frighten the likes of GTA anytime soon. It's a solid game in it's own right but it lacks a lot of things and while still good isn't as good as either the first 2 games on the Playstation. It's worth a playthrough but after you beat it there's really no incentive to go back.

Overall Score 8.0