This is where Halo started.

This is my favourite old-school (1994) FPS of all time, actually, it even beats many FPS out there on the market today.
Here are some fun facts™:

- Dual weildable weapons (unlike Doom)
- Actually has an intense, intriguing plotline that develops as you play (unlike Doom)
- Ability to look up and down (unlike Doom)
- A few weapons have secondary firing modes (unlike Doom)
- You have to reload (unlike Doom)
- Requires the ability to think (unlike Doom)
- Can now be played online! Now for OSX - called Aleph One.
- Can be downloaded for free, legally, from Bungie.
- Very suspenseful, atmospheric game, resulting in a VERY scary game at times.
- Check out the Marathon story page - Are YOU the 10th Mjolnir Military Cyborg? (lots of conspiracies/controversy surrounding the games plot)
- Awesome replay value.
- BOB's!!
- Made by Bungie Studios (unlike Doom)

Now don't get me wrong, DOOM is a brill-o game, but can not compare to the gaming experience that is MARATHON.