Well the ideas and costumization in the game are both great awesome, its not exactly enough to make up for the defects..

Ive gotta admit, im slightly biest against mecha games for reasons in which i shall not tell, but this game was on the shelf so i had to pick it up. I had heard good things in the past about "Armored Core" games. Unfortunatly, the gameplay is more than slightly lame. Although you can do so pretty neat things, it basicly all comes down to the person with the greatest guns. If you dont have the best guns, your totally screwed out of a chance of wining. Even hiding and boosting away wont save you from the rockets and bazooka missles that will send your mech to its forseen doom. The game is just so-so. I have to admit all the one player missions are extremely diffrent and are very fun, until you get to the god like bosses with extreme speed and godly weapons. The gameplay is very hard and kinda awkward. Like the turning speed is total crap. Anyway as i said this game is so-so. Your better picking up a gundam game for gameplay, it doesnt have as many customize options but is much more fun!