im hooked!

User Rating: 9.6 | Drakengard 2 PS2
in early 2004, when i got drakengard, i i luved it! it was so fun and the stroy was great. after playing that i wanted more!, so in mid 2005 i heard about there was gonna be a drakengard 2! so i waited months, for it, then it came out! i bough it and i instantly fell in love.

the game improved on so much! i mean in the first game the 2 biggest problems a found was when u run u went so slow,so the gameplay was not the greatest and also on the pact caim makes in the first one he cant talk so that makes it weird.

drakengard 2 on the other hand fixed and improved everything it had, the stroy is amazing wit some surprising twists, the gameplay is alot faster and in this one if u get hit and sent in the air u can hit L2 and catch your self. the dragon combat is improved exspecially on the gorund missions, i mean the game would have been much harder wit out your dragon.

its about a knight of seal named nowe, he is known as the savior. he helps fight in the war and proteacts the seals. im not spoiling it after that because u know like i say "big" twists.

overall this game is a huge impovement and u will pop this in over and over again. i mean u will be playin this even when u beat it because when u beat it u see one nding and u have to beat it 2 more times to see them all!?