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Most Helpful Positive Player Reviews

  • Review Score:8.6

    A good solid D&D based rpg with an interesting twist.

    I am a huge D&D fan, I have been playing the paper based game since I was at school, almost 20 years now! Every D&D based game that comes along, I buy and sit down and play and am left disappointed because they never qui... Read Full Review

    8 of 9 users found the following review helpful

Most Helpful Critical Player Reviews

  • Review Score:3.9

    A lot of games put into one bad connection

    I personally use these reviews when figureing out what game to buy. I buy pretty much every single 80% or above game of virtually all game types. Particularly RPG, and Strategy games for long term use though. Why do I... Read Full Review

    4 of 7 users found the following review helpful

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