Dragons Dogma is an epic adventure with a unique story and lots of fun.

User Rating: 9 | Dragon's Dogma PS3
Yet again we have to thank Capcom for another great game, the problems are counter balanced by Epic battles and moments that make you go "whoa".
Dragons Dogma is about a Dragon (see, already things are making sense) that after destroying your fishing village then goes on for desert and eats your heart. But don't worry, you do not die, instead you embark on a long epic journey that will change you..... (And when I say you, I mean you you, not the you on the game)

Your character is a customiseable character, the customiseable options are detailed and let you make a character that really does look however you want it. You will not be alone in your journey, a group of people called pawns can be recruited. Pawns look like humans but are actually not, in the words of the village chief Adaro "Pawns are not human though they look the part, they lack the spark that is life". Pawns are "sell swords" you hire them to do your bidding via magical stones. Pawns lack life so they find it hard to make decisions, they join you so that you may tell them what to do, unfortunately due to bad AI Pawns struggle to carry out your orders. You tell them to gather together and they run towards you, but as soon as they get to you they run away from you and go back to where they were standing (there's also half a ton of other bugged up AI behavior that at times is just down right stupid. All things considered, you need the Pawns, without them you wouldn't get past the first enemies you encounter, goblins.

Dragons Dogma does a good job of combining Greek mythology
with a late medieval setting, you'll be fighting Cyclopes, Chimera, Hydra's, Griffins, Ogres, Golem's, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Harpies and much more. All these monsters from Greek legends and medieval legends put together sounds ludicrous, but that's whats so good about Dragons Dogma, it makes it work.

The battles you have with these monsters are some of the most epic battles ever put into a game; remember Shadow of the Colossus? When fighting a cyclops or ogre it's like Shadow of the colossus but on a smaller scale, you try to clime to its head and hack its scull apart, your Archer tries to shoot the tusks of its face while your mage tries to blow its feet out from underneath it.

In Dragons Dogma there are six vocations and three hybrid vocations,
The main vocations are Fighter, Strider, Mage, Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer.
Hybrid vocations are vocations that mix up the main vocations,
Mystic Knight (Mage+Fighter), Assassin (Fighter+Strider) and Magic archer (mage+Strider). I must say that being a mage or sorcerer is not much fun.

The graphics are alright but could have been better, the good animations are:
Sun animation, blood animation, fire animation and ice animation, water could have been better, the reflections are just grey shapes, although as far as grey shapes go they are very well animated grey shapes. If they where more detailed then I would have said water animation was good, but the splash animation is alright. All in all average graphics.

The sound track is very good, the music is tense and epic, the sound effects are gut wrenching, the screams goblins make when you pierce their flesh with cold steal is satisfyingly good. However, the voice acting is annoying and not for the reasons you would think. Its not that the actors are bad, they actually do a good job, the problem is they say the same lines over and over and over again. You walk past a tree on a road and every single time you walk past it one of your pawns say "What a large tree" "Tis even larger up close" now imagine this on a road that you use almost all the time and it starts to make you boil.

So Dragons Dogma has faults that can sometimes get on your nerves, the AI is occasionally stupid and the dire difficulty at the beginning leads to moments when you see red (especially when you meet bandits), but Dragons Dogma is full of Epicness and action, you won't want it to end.