Where to level? (Assassin)

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Hello! I just finished the main quests at level 46 or so, but now I don't really know where to level. I can't kill Ur-Dragon yet, it just takes too long.. It's not really an option at this point, or I must be doing something wrong. So I was wondering where to level? And at what level should I try killing Ur-Dragon again? I am using the best dagger I can get my hand on right now, aswell as the best bow there is.. Also I play at night to increase myself by 70% but all of this just isn't enough yet for Ur-Dragon.. He flew off at like half way, so that just takes too long... Appreciate the help!^^
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Everfall is definitely the best place for you to level up Chamber of Fate (Drake) Chamber of Distress (Wyrm) --> recommended You'll gain at least 25,000 exp for killing one of those BTW, you might have your gears dragon-forged for defeating any Drake/Wyrm/Wyvern